Star Storage launches new version of SEAL for Microsoft Office

Star Storage launches new version of SEAL for Microsoft Office
The software helps customers archive e-mails and Microsoft Word documents for business purposes

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Star Storage, a global technology provider of information protection and governance solutions, has launched a new version of SEAL to enable customers to get more out of Microsoft Office and the Office 365 suite. New capabilities include archiving e-mails directly from Outlook and documents directly from Word to declare as business records or retain for other business purposes. 

The new SEAL version aims to provide a unified information management system, cutting operational costs, reducing compliance risks and increasing team productivity.

“We are constantly improving SEAL’s functionalities, as we want to respond to most of our customers’ needs, both in terms of compliance and productivity,” said Cătălin Păunescu, CEO of Star Storage. “Real business value relates to using information as part of daily business processes; it is not enough just to own and protect this information.”

Păunescu said that the new version gives users instant access to archived e-mails without affecting editing, allowing them to forward or move e-mails to other folders along with their associated attachments. 

“Now organisations have a fast way to manage unstructured content with a unique set of rules for retention, classification (including General Data Protection Regulation compliance), and duplicates removal for both locally managed documents and emails with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint, and those managed in cloud through Office 365,” said Păunescu. 

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