Steelcase chooses Microsoft to help design high-tech offices

Steelcase chooses Microsoft to help design high-tech offices
New corporate spaces will encourage productivity and feature Microsoft devices

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft and office furniture firm Steelcase are designing high-tech spaces that feature Microsoft devices to encourage productivity.

According to Rebecca Charbauski, senior communications specialist at Steelcase, the workplace must be made up of different spaces that support the different stages of work. 

“A diverse ecosystem includes mobile and integrated technology, as well as spaces designed for individual “me” work and “we” group work,” said Charbauski.

Steelcase designed this ecosystem to include five separate spaces, comprising: the Duo Studio, designed to nurture collaborative work between two people; the Focus Studio, a private space to work individually; the Ideation Hub, a space to support participation and brainstorming in group work; Maker Commons, which allows for social group work or an individual’s focused work provided by privacy screens; and the Respite Room which offers a solitary environment for uninterrupted thinking. 

These spaces are currently on show at Steelcase’s WorkLife Centers in New York City and Singapore.

Read more about the specifically-designed spaces. 

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