Supporting business growth strategies at JYSK Nordic

Supporting business growth strategies at JYSK Nordic

JYSK Nordic has chosen Veeam’s backup solutions to keep its distribution centres running at all times

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This article first appeared in the Winter issue of The Record.

With offices throughout Europe, JYSK Nordic is a fast-growing retailer of furniture and accessories with a passion for Scandinavian design. The company’s products bring sophistication to living spaces at an affordable price for millions of customers.

To keep pace with customer demand, JYSK Nordic is expanding its distribution centres in Denmark, Sweden and Poland and is in the process of building a new distribution centre in Bulgaria.

“Making sure our customers receive their orders on time is a top priority for us,” says Anders Harder, team manager of IT server operation at JYSK Nordic. “Our distribution centres must run 24/7 to fulfil customer orders and pull stock for our stores. Just one hour of data centre downtime could cost the company a considerable amount of money.”

Robotic systems supported by SQL Servers automate fulfilment in JYSK Nordic’s distribution centres. These must be available 24/7, as must e-mail. Microsoft System Center Operations Manager monitors the company’s physical infrastructure.

When slow backup and recovery of these critical systems put the company at risk for downtime, the IT team acted quickly.

JYSK Nordic turned to Veeam to support its business growth by delivering 24/7 availability in its distribution centres and offices. Veeam also supports the company’s data growth – which is currently around 30% year on year – by delivering capacity planning and right-sizing reports directly into the System Center console.

“Before we deployed Veeam, our IT infrastructure wasn’t agile enough to support rapid changes demanded by the business and ensure fast time to market,” says Harder. “Veeam succeeded in making us agile. We secured 24/7 availability of critical IT assets and assured the business we can fully support their time-to-market requirements.”

Veeam Backup & Replication delivers constant availability through fast backup and recovery, enabling JYSK Nordic to shorten recovery time and point objectives. Fast backup is achieved through Veeam Backup from Storage Snapshots. Veeam makes backups of virtual machines residing on HP 3PAR StoreServ as often as necessary, which provides several restore points.

Fast recovery is achieved through Veeam’s high-speed restore features, such as Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange. Veeam helps JYSK NORDIC recover employee e-mail in minutes, meaning business communications are not interrupted. Veeam Management Pack for System Center also supports the company’s data growth by delivering capacity planning reports directly into the System Center console.

Harder also uses Veeam Endpoint Backup Free to back up his Windows-based laptop to the company’s Veeam repository.

Thanks to Veeam, JYSK Nordic can support its business growth strategies, shorten recovery time and point objectives, allowing customers and stores to receive orders on time. The company is also able to increase data centre efficiencies and resolve any issues in a proactive way.


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