TAG develops high-voltage equipment optimisation solution

TAG develops high-voltage equipment optimisation solution

The eGalvanic platform will combine field testing, inspection and maintenance data

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The Asset Guardian (TAG) has started development for a new artificial intelligence solution, eGalvanic, for electricity providers and distributors.

The eGalvanic platform will help maintain and optimise high- and medium-voltage equipment by combining field testing, inspection and maintenance data with real-time monitoring sensors. Data is collected via pre-configured captors connected on the devices and then sent to the TAG IoT Edge Box. Pre-configured modules receive and analyse telemetry meters to generate specific actions, which are sent to the Microsoft Azure cloud. The information is then optimised through the artificial intelligence services before being mapped to the TAG environment, where it is accessible by the user.

The platform provides two separate portals for customers and International Electrical Testing Association (NETA) approved testers. The customer portal includes information relevant to the maintenance management of equipment, while the tester portal offers an overview of the equipment along with related work orders, requests and schedules.

“We have collected data from a range of different components to build a large database of requirements,” said Martin Turgeon, CEO and president of Verosoft Design, TAG’s parent company. “We’re now creating data models which helps predict asset failures to avoid costly service interruptions, which is a key concern for the power generation sector.”

Electrical engineering and testing company Electrical Energy Experts has worked with TAG in the development of the platform, applying the standards set by the NETA. These standards determine the electrical equipment’s service ability and sets minimum requirements that individuals performing the tests must be capable of conducting the tests in a safe manner and with complete knowledge of the hazards involved.

“Our data is coming from real field electrical inspections, combining years of electrical energy expertise with newly integrated technology solutions such as Microsoft Azure and internet of things to provide power providers with superior value in electrical testing and maintenance,” said Turgeon. “There is a need for a central, data-driven and integrated asset and maintenance management solution that facilitates and links linear asset management activities with business processes and asset data within the power generation sector.”

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