Taiwan hospital deploys Covid-19 detection device with Microsoft AI

Taiwan hospital deploys Covid-19 detection device with Microsoft AI
Solution checks body temperature and presence of a mask, to prevent spread of virus

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The Yonghe Cardinal Tien Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan, has installed a detection device that scans people as they enter the lobby, checking their body temperature and if they are wearing a mask. 

Built on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, the solution aims to protect patients and staff from the outside spread of the virus. It immediately alerts staff when problems are detected so they can stop potentially infected individuals from entering the hospital.

“With the deployment of Microsoft AI technology, we can effectively and quickly detect whether hospital personnel are wearing masks or have abnormal body temperatures that need to be addressed in a timely way,” said Liao Mao-Hung, the hospital’s administration vice superintendent. “It not only improves the efficiency of epidemic prevention, but it also reduces the work burden of front-line personnel, so that limited human resources can be used more effectively.”

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