TalkTalk uses Microsoft Viva Suite to improve employee experience

TalkTalk uses Microsoft Viva Suite to improve employee experience

Viva Connections, Learning and Insight is supporting the company’s flexible and hybrid working

Elly Yates-Roberts |

UK-based connectivity provider TalkTalk is using Microsoft Viva Suite to launch Viva Connections and Viva Learning, which will provide relevant news, conversations, daily tools and training resources to employees.

Viva is an employee experience platform that is powered by Microsoft 365 and deployed through Microsoft Teams. The platform is enabling TalkTalk to support staff that work with 4.2 million landline, broadband, TV and mobile services customers across the UK.

TalkTalk will also develop Viva Insights to be a productivity and well-being tool that empowers individuals, teams and organisations to improve their work habits and business outcomes. Viva Insights will use artificial intelligence to automatically identify, process and organise content into easily accessible knowledge for staff to use.

“TalkTalk has been investing for many years in digital workplace tools,” said Ian Turner, talent director at TalkTalk. “With Microsoft Viva we can further develop a fantastic employee experience that helps us attract and develop top talent at TalkTalk. The growth of the platform, including a new module powered by to help people and teams build alignment and achieve better business outcomes, is exciting as we build a seamless experience for all employees.”

Teams is used by the company for monthly company-wide, live events to ensure that all employees are connected in a hybrid working environment. TalkTalk has fully migrated its voice platform to Teams, where the company holds 120,297 private chat messages, 2,864 calls and 1,817 meetings every day.

“The pandemic forced us to adapt how we worked,” said Turner. “We took the opportunity to redesign our headquarters in Salford and Teams is now a critical part of our meetings experience there. It’s enabled seamless collaboration among our teams, whether they are sitting next to each other or some are working from home.”

To continue to support flexible working, TalkTalk has also built a booking app using Microsoft PowerApps to manage the return of colleagues back into the office. Microsoft Managed Desktop is also being rolled out to facilitate end-to-end device management, updates and security monitoring, allowing employees to securely access the company’s network.

“TalkTalk is one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, embracing the interconnected suite of tools within the Microsoft 365 portfolio to help employees meet the needs of its customers,” said Nick Hedderman, senior director of modern work at Microsoft UK. “Microsoft Viva, used alongside Microsoft 365, gives TalkTalk crucial insights to help experiment and create new ways of working in a hybrid way, that will improve their employee experience and business outcomes.”

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