Thales joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

Thales joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance
Membership supports existing cloud security deployments in the Azure marketplace

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Aerospace solutions provider Thales has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance (ECA) to help foster innovation, promote awareness of its solutions and support ongoing software deployment in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Thales currently has two solutions in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace: the Vormetric Data Security Manager and Vormetric Tokenization Server.

Also newly available in Microsoft Azure is the Vormetric Tokenisation Server. Enabling workloads running in Microsoft Azure to tokenise data and offer dynamic data masking using simple REST API calls, the platform brings cloud elasticity to a security component critical to PCI-DSS compliance.

The Vormetric Tokenisation Server is also available in Microsoft Azure; this enables workloads running in Microsoft Azure to tokenise data and offer data masking using REST API calls.

“As part of our ongoing collaboration, we have delivered the Tokenization Server in Microsoft Azure Marketplace and “bring your own key” so enterprises may retain direct control of their encryption keys used in Microsoft Azure,” said CJ Radford, VP of cloud for Thales e-Security.

“The resulting Microsoft Azure Key Vault with enhanced key controls, enabled by the Thales nShield hardware security module, gives Azure customers the tools they need to safeguard sensitive data. We look forward to continued integration of our products with Microsoft Azure native solutions.”

“The Enterprise Cloud Alliance Partner Program welcomes Thales which is developing and delivering best in class enterprise and cloud solutions in strategic engagements with Microsoft to accelerate business and innovation,” said Chris Lwanga, principal, cloud ecosystem engagement at Microsoft.

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