The Colorado Office of the State Auditor turns to ParticiPoll

The Colorado Office of the State Auditor turns to ParticiPoll
The Microsoft PowerPoint based solution is improving the work of the independent agency 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The Colorado Office of the State Auditor (OSA) is an independent agency in Colorado’s Legislative Branch whose mission is to improve government for the people of Colorado. The company has recently adopted ParticiPoll – an audience polling add-in for PowerPoint, to engage staff during its annual State Legislative Sessions.

“Each year at the end of the State’s Legislative Session we give a presentation to our staff on legislative bills that impact our office in some way,” says Dianne Ray, state auditor at OSA. “Following this session we conduct a poll with the audience on whether or not they think the bill passed. ParticiPoll enables us to poll larger audience sizes,” she explains. “I have a staff of 75 people and some of the other audience polling software providers we looked at limit participation to 15-20 people.”

According to Ray, the fact that ParticiPoll is integrated into PowerPoint makes it easy to use. “We’ve used other systems where we had to redo our presentation in another programme, which is very cumbersome. It was also very easy to conduct live polling and very little delay time for the graphs to appear on the screen.”

Following Ray’s experiences with ParticiPoll, she is hoping to integrate more polling into her future presentations. “I’m working on another presentation on leadership and the polling has to do with self-assessment of leadership styles. This is a great way to engage the audience!”

View the full interview with Dianne Ray here.

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