The Spring issue of The Record is out now!

The Spring issue of The Record is out now!
Find out how Microsoft and its partners are using AI and other tech to stay ahead of the game

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The Spring 2020 issue of The Record is out now and available to view free of charge in digital format.

This issue of the magazine is published as the world comes to terms with a global pandemic that is forcing everybody to reimagine how they go about their daily business and find new ways to communicate while adhering to governmental measures designed to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Our public sector feature explores how government agencies are adopting the latest Microsoft technologies to drive greater efficiency and improve the overall delivery of services. It’s a timely reminder that the work being done to connect public sector workforces with citizens can significantly impact the ways our lives are organised.

In our Manufacturing & Resources section we examine the latest innovations that Microsoft and its community of partners are bringing to the modern manufacturing arena. From artificial intelligence (AI) to sustainability calculators, digital twins to the adoption of 5G, this is a vibrant industry embracing change at all levels. Our main feature showcases the work being done by Microsoft and its partners to transform the manufacturing industry, putting workers at the heart of the story. 

Continuing with the theme of AI, in our financial services feature we look at the issue of maintaining secure trading environments across all aspects of the industry. We hear from BIAN’s Hans Tesselaar about the need for strict regulation to counter the threat of money laundering, while Microsoft partners BioCatch, Finastra and NetGuardians tell us more about the work that they are doing to help fight fraud.

As always, our marketwatch section is packed with industry news from across the globe, keeping you abreast of the latest technology innovations at this pivotal point for commerce and public service provision. There’s something for everybody in another busy edition of The Record, from features and executive interviews to case studies and thought leadership from all areas of both commercial and civic activity around the world. 

We wish you well and hope that you enjoy the latest edition of The Record.

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