The Winter issue of The Record is out now!

The Winter issue of The Record is out now!

Get the latest enterprise insights from industry experts and Microsoft executives

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The Winter 2020 issue of The Record is out now and available to view free of charge in digital format.

As we leave behind what has been a uniquely challenging year for both business and civic leaders alike, organisations will find themselves taking stock of the impact of the pandemic and reflecting on how they have responded to this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Many have rapidly adapted their core operations to respond to the immediate challenge of empowering highly dispersed workforces through the implementation of new technology. For some, procedural and operational changes which in normal times would have taken years to evolve have been rolled out in a matter of weeks.

For success, rapid change requires well-informed decision-making. Insights from artificial intelligence, data and analytics have proved crucial. In our cover story, we speak with Microsoft’s corporate vice president of business intelligence Arun Ulagaratchagan about how the company and its partners are accelerating this data culture.

Another technology that enterprises are turning to is Microsoft HoloLens. In the first of a series of reports, we look at ways in which the automotive industry is benefitting from this mixed reality technology – particularly in connecting workers in remote locations and enabling a degree of knowledge sharing which previously could only be achieved by bringing people physically together.

The retail sector has felt the impact of the pandemic as greatly as any other. With stores empty and supply chains disrupted, the requirement upon retailers to reimagine their businesses in an effort to remain competitive has been significant, to say the least. We take a closer look at some innovative solutions.

We consider the impact of products like Microsoft 365 and Teams on digital transformation in the financial services industry and also how manufacturers are learning to blend freshly gained commercial experience with long-held industry wisdom

The final word goes to the healthcare industry, which has been at the forefront of most people’s minds during 2020. Service providers across all regions face multiple challenges, from the pursuit of a successful Covid-19 vaccine to disseminating healthcare advice. Right across this spectrum technology is playing a role and in our public sector feature Microsoft’s global chief medical officer David Rhew discusses some of the challenges, and we showcase the latest breakthroughs from partners working alongside Microsoft in the sector.

We hope you enjoy the read.

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