TimeFleX to launch new meeting module and NFC door panels

TimeFleX to launch new meeting module and NFC door panels

New updates to group calendar software will make it easier to organise team meetings

Rebecca Gibson |

SDFE TimeFleX is to introduce an updated Catering & Services module and new near-field communications (NFC) door panels for use with its group calendar software in the second quarter of 2018.

TimeFleX software allows businesses to see all their employees’ Microsoft Outlook calendar data using a variety of calendar views by fetching live Microsoft Exchange entries for hundreds of users. However, the company wanted to make it easier for organisers to create group calendars and schedule team meetings.

The question for organisers is always: ‘how can I connect all the dots and cater to participants’ needs for this specific meeting?’” said Andreas Kuisl, global sales director at TimeFleX’s Germany headquarters. “Booking a room with the right number of seats, catering services and fulfilling other requirements can turn into a pain point because organisers have to use multiple different tools to do one job. “Often, these tools do not interact with each other and there’s no unified workflow, which means organisers have to keep track of open queries manually.”

The updated TimeFleX Catering & Services module extension will make it easy for authorised users to manage upcoming meetings by creating a profile with information about required seating, catering services, location information, block parking space, print badges and more. Everything is done automatically within the same workflow, so all attendees get up to date information.

“The integrated workflow and dashboard means that organisers are always notified about open requests, and whenever the organiser sends out an update, everyone receives the information,” said Kuisl. “TimeFleX can also be used via a mobile app on almost any handheld device, making it easy to find the best meeting times for teams.”

The new TimeFleX NFC door panels can be placed outside meeting rooms to display relevant information about room occupation, seating, upcoming events, required catering services and much more.

“Thanks to the NFC technology, authorised meeting participants can confirm their attendance, or add new meetings, by simply touching the display,” said Kuisl. “At TimeFleX we believe that event management can be much more efficient and less time consuming, which is why we are proud to announce a new way of managing all of these activities.”


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