Trakomatic helps retailers deliver personalised shopping experiences

Trakomatic helps retailers deliver personalised shopping experiences
Firm is using Microsoft Azure and AI services to transform data into insightful information

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Singapore-based technology start-up Trakomatic is using Microsoft Azure and artificial intelligence (AI) services to help retailers deliver hyper-personalised shopping experiences through data insights. 

Trakomatic has used Azure to build AI and facial recognition solutions that provide retailers with a customer service ecosystem built into their customer loyalty programmes. 

Its AI technology recognises participating customers when they enter a shopping centre and sends personalised messages recommending products and stores based on their interests. According to Microsoft, once the customer reaches the store, the system alerts staff, who can then assist the shopper in person. 

Trakomatic’s tools also help retailers measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, track sales conversion rates and predict specific days and locations which may experience busy periods. 

“Even as e-commerce is growing, consumers still want to touch and feel products,” said Shaun Kwan, co-founder of Trakomatic. “Merchants are therefore looking to marry the physical and digital to reduce their stores’ footprint, engage omnichannel consumers and grow their sales at the same time. Through the years, we have developed technology to securely collect and anonymise shopper data streams and have partnered with Microsoft to bring to life capabilities that are integrating digital and offline retail experiences.”

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