TransCore accelerates digital transformation with Microsoft Teams

TransCore accelerates digital transformation with Microsoft Teams

Collaboration platform helps transportation technology firm’s employees work together remotely

Elly Yates-Roberts |

US transportation technology firm TransCore is using Microsoft Teams to accelerate its digital transformation and enable its employees to collaborate effectively while working remotely.  

The organisation began implementing Teams before Covid-19, which Doug Terry, senior vice president of corporate development at TransCore, says: “enabled us to transition to remote operations very quickly and collaborate with customers in real time.” As a result, TransCore was able to improve efficiency and eliminate costly travel expenses.  

Frontline maintenance works and office-based employees use the platform for all aspects of collaboration. “Having chat, voice, and video conferencing capabilities while also being able to share documents and collaborate in real time in one place is really valuable to us,” said Terry. “The combination of those features helps us be more productive and reduces the enterprise-wide learning curve by minimising the need for additional applications for each functionality.” 

It has enabled staff to create proposals faster, as previous processes required thousands of pages and input of many contributors. “In the past, we emailed drafts and reference documentation back and forth,” said Terry. “Reconciling the various versions was time-consuming and inefficient. Today, we use Teams and SharePoint to meet, collaborate, and work more efficiently.” 

TransCore has also implemented Teams Phone, a feature which enables users to call telephones from Teams. Going forward, the firm plans to replace a collection of disparate solutions with Teams Phone. “Many of our office facilities evolved to have different voice communication systems, but we’re starting to realize the cost savings associated with consolidating on Teams Phone,” said Terry.  

The move to Teams has also enabled TransCore to reduce its office space, which is helping the firm reduce costs now and in the future.  

According to Terry, Teams will continue to be employees’ primary collaboration tool when they return to the office.  “Covid-19 changed how we think about remote work,” said Terry. “We can now offer more flexibility in how people choose to work. We see this as a cornerstone for building a better work environment for everyone. And at the end of the day, our employees and our customers will benefit.” 

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