Transforming the B2B e-commerce landscape

Transforming the B2B e-commerce landscape is empowering businesses to harness digital opportunities  

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The impact of Covid-19 on the digital transformation of businesses and organisations has been well documented at a global level. Across industries, new trends have arisen in terms of customer expectations, process automation and transaction channels.

It has been almost two years into this new normal, and a clear trend is being formulated towards a more self-service approach, especially in cloud business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce. Customers and end-users are becoming increasingly familiar with consuming digital services to cover their business or personal needs. At the same time, IT sellers that previously transacted with their customers through traditional channels, were forced to adapt to these new digital challenges rapidly. In doing so, they also had to maintain and grow their customer base, align with vendors targets and enrich their product portfolio.

As a cloud automation platform vendor, plays a significant role in transforming the B2B e-commerce landscape by consumerising our ecosystem. Our objective is to prepare and empower Microsoft cloud service providers (CSPs), cloud distributors, value-added resellers and independent software vendors to harness new opportunities in the digital market through a comprehensive portfolio of vendors, tools and integrations.

In this context, the platform has launched the Standard Edition for Resellers that empowers CSPs to grow with minimum costs, reduce churn and stay ahead of the competition by obtaining a brand-new custom marketplace right through their distributor. Having this powerful self-serve portal, resellers can automatically view and manage end-customer subscriptions, automate order placement and cloud service provisioning, as well as easily update product catalogues and pricing. 

At the same time, we keep advancing our platform to further empower IT sellers to add, offer and manage any service they want. With the newly added non-automatic provisioning functionality, our platform users can promote and sell any first or third-party cloud service via their marketplace, while enjoying the benefits of ordering, subscription management and billing automation.  

Ultimately, our vision is to help our customers grow their monthly run rate, empower their selling network and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. To that end, we added new integrations to our Vendor Catalogue with several significant cloud software vendors such as Acronis, Adobe, BitTitan, and Odix. Their offerings are perfectly matched with Microsoft 365 and Azure, allowing our customers in the CSP programme to create unique value propositions. The only way is up, and we are helping our customers on their way.

Vaso Zanidou is product manager at 

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