U.S. Bank leverages Microsoft Azure to modernise banking processes

U.S. Bank leverages Microsoft Azure to modernise banking processes
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Cloud computing will help bank to analyse data and deliver new products and experiences to customers

Elly Yates-Roberts |

U.S. Bank has partnered with Microsoft to use the Azure cloud platform to analyse data and deliver new products to customers.  

The two firms will work together to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to modernise applications and personalise experiences. The transition to the cloud will also improve the security of data, financial assets and customer privacy while strengthening the bank’s technology risk management capabilities. 

“More than ever, every financial services organisation will need to build its own digital capability to meet both evolving customer demands and changing employee expectations,” said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. “As U.S. Bank's primary cloud provider, we will apply the power of Azure to help the company adapt and build new, secure experiences for customers and employees in the era ahead.” 

According to U.S. Bank, adopting the cloud will benefit customers by giving them the flexibility to bank in a way that suits them, and aid partners by equipping them with real-time data and the tools to meet their customers’ financial needs.  

“It has been a dramatic time of change in the banking industry, where success is increasingly driven by technology capabilities,” said Andy Cecere, president and CEO of U.S. Bank. “Our clients expect and require extreme flexibility and a bank that is simple to navigate and capable of quickly adjusting to their evolving needs. Our cloud-first approach with Microsoft Azure will help us accomplish just that.” 



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