“Utilities sector underestimates power of automation,” says Capgemini

“Utilities sector underestimates power of automation,” says Capgemini
New report shows that the few firms that are using the tech are seeing great value from it

Elly Yates-Roberts |

In a new report Intelligent Automation in Energy and Utilities: The next digital wave, Capgemini has found that utilities organisations using automation technology are seeing great value from it, but few are leveraging it. 

The study of 529 leaders at global energy and utilities companies, found that 81% of respondents in utilities saw improved customer experiences through faster responses, compared with an average of 60% across other sectors. Estimates show that the sector could save between US$237 billion and US$813 billion from intelligent automation.

However, companies are still under-estimating the potential of automation initiatives, with only 18% of organisations deploying quick-win use cases and only 15% deploying multiple automation use cases at scale. This could be due to scaling issues that are facing every industry. 

Capgemini has provided five recommendations to help utilities firms scale intelligence automation:

1. Take a pragmatic approach when choosing use cases. Developing viable automation case studies gives leadership a clear understanding of how they fit in with business strategy, competencies and capabilities.

2. Optimise the right processes before trying for scale. Organisations must understand the re-engineering process and workforce impact before trying to scale. Force-fitting solutions to existing structures will lead to less than ideal results. 

3. Put emphasis on breakthrough technology and ensure sufficient resources are in place. Focusing on technologies such as advanced analytics and deep learning in core functions can deliver huge benefits.

4. Centralise execution, governance and leadership. Use a dedicated team and staff rotated from application areas to create and sustain well-defined projects that can serve as a model for similar projects elsewhere.

5. Upskill the existing workforce to ensure change management. An upskilling programme will not only help execute the automation scaling but it will also help adjust to digital transformation culture. The practices will help individuals, teams and overall organisations scale up and benefit from the intelligent automation.

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