Why retailers must make the online experience smartphone-friendly

Why retailers must make the online experience smartphone-friendly
According to a recent Episerver report, half of all B2C commerce sessions come from a mobile device

Elly Yates-Roberts |

According to a recent study called The B2C Dot-Com Report by software provider and digital enabler Epsierver, half of all business-to-consumer (B2C) commerce sessions come from a smartphone. 

Episerver collected 1.3 billion unique shopping sessions across 159 retail websites to capture insights about which devices and traffic sources are performing best for B2C organisations selling online. 

A previous report found that over 60% of global consumers shop online at least once a month. But the latest study shows that the majority of those sessions are done through a mobile device. Some customers tracked in the report even see over 80% of sessions coming through mobile on certain days. 

While mobile produces the most sessions, desktop still outperforms all hand-held devices. E-mail traffic also produces some of the highest units per order by traffic source as it offers a significant amount of personalised recommendations. 

“Marketers and merchandisers are always looking for ways to compare their site metrics and channel performance against their peers and for good reason,” said Ed Kennedy, senior director of commerce strategy at Episerver. “Through access to 1.3 billion sessions, we’re able to provide digital commerce leaders and practitioners with an opportunity to benchmark themselves against a statistically significant sample of retail and consumer brand websites and get definitive answers to their top B2C commerce questions.”

Read the full report. 

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