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Summer 2018

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Editor: Lindsay James
Executive Editor: Andy Clayton-Smith

The Summer 2018 issue of The Record is out now and available to download free of charge in digital format.

If we are to navigate and lead digital transformation successfully, we need to ensure that our culture is ready to engage and learn in order to thrive. That’s the opinion of Microsoft’s president for US Public Sector, Healthcare and Financial Services Toni Townes-Whitley who, in this issue’s cover story, is joined by key partners to discuss the most beneficial strategies for effective cultural change.

Another must read in this issue is our exclusive interview with Gavriella Schuster, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner organisation, who outlines the big, bold changes that Microsoft is making to how it works with partners.

In our communications and media feature, meanwhile, Microsoft’s Rainer Kellerhals is joined by industry experts to explain how technologies infused with artificial intelligence are enabling the revolution of the media industry.

And in our financial services section, we discover how insurers are leveraging the power of the cloud to manage risk, increase efficiency and enhance the customer experience. Plus, don’t miss the interview with Microsoft’s newly appointed vice president of Global Financial Services Janet Lewis, who explains her vision to empower financial services firms to transform.

Transformation is also the focus of our manufacturing feature, where Microsoft’s Bill Moffett explains how, by implementing new technologies, manufacturers can significantly up their game. And in our public sector feature, Kat Wilson, director of Cities Solutions at Microsoft, tells us how civic leaders are looking to technology to help them reengineer their cities.

Last but not least, our retail feature sees Microsoft’s Vic Miles discuss why microservices offer retailers the perfect way to provide customers with a personalised and seamless omnichannel retail experience.

Plus, there’s the usual mix of news, case studies, industry insight and more.

There’s plenty more too – enjoy the issue!

Magazine highlights

Fostering new ideas

Cultivating tomorrow’s enterprise

Cultivating tomorrow’s enterprise: how to adapt from ‘process first’ to ‘culture first’

Marketwatch Issue 3


The latest news from Microsoft and its partners

Beyond the chatter

How to equip the workers of tomorrow

Steven Armstrong from Blue Prism discusses true digital transformation

Workplaces of the future

A powerful combination

Angelique Mohring from GainX on how to address the challenges of transformation

Doing more with data

Partnering for success

Gavriella Schuster tells us about Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner organisation

Operating on the move

MaaS: turning theory into practice

Boris Karsch from Cubic Transportation Systems outlines the benefits of Mobility as a Service

Turn technical objectives into business value

AI: job creator or destroyer?

Artificial intelligence technology is rapidly reshaping the workplace

The growing need for security intelligence

How innovation drives digital transformation

Taras Young from CompanyNet explains what’s needed to get real results

Industry highlights

Communications and Media

New developments in artificial intelligence (AI) are shaking up businesses operating in every sector – and the communications and media industry is no exception. AI technologies promise to transform the lives of content creators and content consumers alike, managing the brunt of time-consuming manual tasks and facilitating greater creativity.

Those companies that act fast and embrace new AI-infused solutions will reap the rewards. Read on to find out how.

Download a PDF of the Communications and Media services section of the Summer 2018 issue of The Record magazine.

Transforming the media industry with AI

What needs to be done to ensure industrywide success

Transforming media production in the cloud

Avid’s Craig Dwyer on the benefits of cloud-based workflows

An easy way to integrate AI

Steven Armstrong from Blue Prism on the role of a digital workforce platform

Financial Services

The level of transformation happening across the retail financial services landscape is truly remarkable. Not only are new regulations shaking up the industry, but a raft of startups are entering the market and innovative technologies are promising greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Navigating this changing landscape is no easy feat – but it’s vital to the success of many of today’s biggest banks and insurance companies. Read more about how I see things evolving in a special interview on page 82. There’s also a fantastic feature about how cloud is enabling success for insurers in this issue, plus the usual mix of executive insight from across our partner community.

Download a PDF of the Financial services section of the Summer 2018 issue of The Record magazine.

Cloud-powered insurance

How Microsoft and its partners are enabling the shift

Accelerating digital transformation

Microsoft’s Janet Lewis on how finserv companies can transform

How to transform insurance processes

DXC Technology’s Lori Murray says companies can enhance their existing IT

Manufacturing and Resources

Technology is increasingly challenging the status quo for manufacturing business, facilitating a shift from building products as standalone offerings to providing services that enhance existing products. It’s this evolution that we investigate in this issue’s feature, where Bill Moffett outlines how Microsoft is giving manufacturers the flexibility they need to truly prosper.

Plus, there’s some fantastic insight from across the industry as well as in practice examples of our solutions at work.

Download a PDF of the manufacturing section of the Summer 2018 issue of The Record magazine.

A new manufacturing landscape

The transformations impacting the sector

Consolidating to improve performance

How DXC Eclipse is being used by Schneider Electric

Augmenting reality

Melissa Topp from ICONICS on the benefits of a combined solution

Public Sector

Leaders are looking to technology to re-engineer the modern city, doing less with more at the same time as bringing innovation to all areas of the sector. This is where Microsoft’s CityNext strategy is proving an invaluable resource for those looking to innovate.

In this section Kat Willson shares the advances being made by Microsoft in bringing the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge to fruition. We also shine a light on many of the developments being made by our partners operating across the globe.

Download a PDF of the Public Sector services section of the Summer 2018 issue of The Record magazine.

Connecting the cities of the future

How civic leaders can do more with less

Keeping score with a datadriven jail

Roy Minney from DXC Eclipse on how to better manage jails

Taking a COTS approach

Andrea Ruosi from AX for Pharma discusses commercial off the shelf software

Retail and Hospitality

For many retailers, today’s ‘always-on’ culture is still in stark contrast to many of their legacy systems which cannot easily integrate with multiple sales channels that are often required to span international boundaries to deliver products and services.

Success requires change, and this is something that pioneers like Asos are achieving through cloud-based microservices. Discover more in the pages that follow.

Download a PDF of the Retail and Hospitality services section of the Summer 2018 issue of The Record magazine.

Breaking the retail monolith

How microservices can create a more personal retail experience

Microsoft: leading the way in e-commerce

Ed Kennedy from Episerver discusses Microsoft’s strong toolset

Make omnichannel work for you

Blue Prism’s Steven Armstrong on meeting the ‘always-on’ expectation