Azure Media Services helps NGSN deliver sports streaming services

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 09 March 2015
Azure Media Services helps NGSN deliver sports streaming services

Next Generation Sports Network (NGSN) has launched a beta version of a new sports website and mobile application that will enable US subscribers to watch their favourite football matches from around the world.

NSGN has the broadcasting rights to live matches from a number of European and South American domestic leagues, including the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela.

In May 2014, the NGSN team started working with the Microsoft Services team in the Netherlands to build a scalable solution that could serve millions of subscribers and provide full end-to-end video workflows in the cloud.

The project team used Azure Media Services to achieve their aim and capitalised on the scalable, reliable global platform to meet its requirements.

“They explained what they did for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. As I was thinking about our challenges and the way we were envisioning our idea, I could only see one way to go,” said Harry van Streun, CEO and president of NGSN.

Thanks to Azure Media Services, NGSN is able to deliver end-to-end live streaming in the cloud, including live transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming. The company can also deliver end-to-end video on demand, seamless content delivery network integration, and utilise the growing ecosystem of partners in the online video platform and technology space.

“They did a lot of work not only to build, but also to really understand all the key requirements needed to make an integrated solution that would work,” explained van Streun. “Right from the start they were highly engaged, keen on finding the right solution, and committed to getting the job done.”

NGSN will now be able to take advantage of Azure Media Services’ seamless integration with other Microsoft Azure services, such as websites, storage, SQL Database, Redis Cache, and the Push Notification Service.

“When I talk about what we’re building, the usual response is, ‘Hey, sounds great! How much does it cost? Wow! Can I have it?’” added van Streun.  “Our model makes us completely different from any offering out there today. That’s what Microsoft is helping us deliver.”

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