Best Western GB uses Northdoor to move to Microsoft Azure

Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 18 February 2019
Best Western GB uses Northdoor to move to Microsoft Azure

Hotel and resort chain Best Western GB has recently used Northdoor, an IT consultancy and services provider that specialises in Microsoft solutions, to move 100 of its websites to Microsoft Azure. As a result, Best Western will benefit from the cloud’s flexibility, security and reduced costs. 

Historically, the company’s websites and back-end services were hosted in a third-party data centre, with a shared look-and-feel based on the global brand, but with limited flexibility to differentiate each hotel. It was also difficult to enhance security and make online changes quickly. 

Northdoor suggested the migration to Azure, upgrading the website architecture, migrating the websites to a secure cloud and reducing the company’s monthly costs. 

Northdoor re-architected the back-end services to eliminate out-dated elements and upgraded all operating systems and databases to the latest versions, providing enhanced security and performance and ensuring a smooth transition to Azure. 

Best Western GB can now create websites and services much faster and more cost-effectively than before, due to the responsive services of both Microsoft Azure and Northdoor. According to a Northdoor press release, this gives the company a new competitive edge that will help it in a digital-led market. 

Best Western GB will continue its partnership with Northdoor to provide ongoing cloud support for the new cloud environment.

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