CenturyLink offers combined value with Microsoft Azure

Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 09 September 2019
CenturyLink offers combined value with Microsoft Azure

At CenturyLink, we’ve enjoyed a successful collaboration with Microsoft dating back to 2006. The expansion of our technological capabilities has served to strengthen our work with Microsoft because together we support the goal of bringing world-class, cloud-based services to scale at a global level. As CenturyLink adapts to an ever-changing world, we’re confident that the momentum we’ve built with Microsoft over the past 13 years will continue to propel our services well into the future of digitisation. Let’s take a quick look at why we’ve chosen to integrate Microsoft solutions across a variety of avenues.

Powered by Microsoft Azure, CenturyLink provides a secure, scalable, and agile hybrid cloud foundation to transform and evolve client businesses to meet the demands of a digital world. In July 2019, we announced an expansion of Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections that integrates with Azure and Azure Government. This helps even more of our customers connect their locations and data centres to cloud environments, on demand.

Another key element showing commitment to our relationship with Microsoft is our investments in resources, training and technology to deliver successful outcomes for our customers using Azure. Last year, we were recognised as a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider – a status achieved by only the most high-fidelity cloud managed services providers. In addition, CenturyLink is a Gold Level Partner for cloud platform, cloud productivity, application development, data centre, and small & midmarket cloud solutions. This expertise is put to the test in customer environments and applied over thousands of engagements with Microsoft. Furthermore, we are also a certified reseller and professional service provider for Microsoft modern office solutions, ensuring that our customers have streamlined access to solutions that will transform their business.

CenturyLink’s IT services teams can support hybrid implementations across Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Azure ExpressRoute, multi-cloud solutions, customer premise solutions, and legacy systems. Our superpower lies within our progressive networking capabilities and our ability to manage and monitor networks and workloads. We provide cost optimisation services that pinpoint wasted resources and offer re-sizing recommendations to ensure continuous enhancement across Azure.

If you’re looking to build a cloud foundation that grows with your business, CenturyLink’s infrastructure powered by Microsoft cloud technologies is a powerful combination that delivers results.

Daren Mancini is the vice president of global hyperscale business at CenturyLink

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