Three pillars to improve business outcomes

Three pillars to improve business outcomes


Leveraging technologies that can improve the customer, employee and operational experience will be key to helping enterprises operate, innovate and achieve sustainable growth, says Sachin Bery at Infosys  

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Today, the demands of the hybrid work environment are driving business imperatives across industries, aided by the convergence of technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, big data, automation and robotics.   

Enterprises are focused on ensuring seamless operational processes to attain distinct business objectives. Technological convergence is driving innovations, impact and outcomes across three dimensions of customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX) and operational experience (OX). These three pillars are becoming increasingly critical for unlocking value from technology-led business transformation programmes with superior customer profitability, employee effectiveness and operational efficiency. The coming together of CX, EX and OX will play a pivotal role in the way enterprises compete in markets, engage with employees and innovate for differentiation and growth as well as achieve significant impact in the industry. This is what we at Infosys call [C.E.O.] X.  

Enhanced customer experience  

We are focused on adding value and unearthing hidden potential at every stage of the customer journey across products, services, people and processes. The integration of siloed customer data with advanced analytics and embedded AI is giving insights into consumer choices and preferences and helping businesses to deliver personalised and contextualised experiences that will increase satisfaction, retention and loyalty, and ultimately, revenue growth. We leverage the Microsoft industry clouds, the Dynamics 365 customer engagement suite with sales, service and marketing, as well as the Microsoft Power Platform, Digital Contact Center Platform, Commerce Platform and the extended stack to bring differentiated experiences to life.  

Improved employee experience  

Our focus on improving the employee experience is built on creating meaningful interactions between employees and employers, as well as improving the work environment, benefits, culture, well-being and opportunities for development and growth at every stage. We are leveraging Microsoft's technology stack to foster an engaging work environment by automating repetitive and low-value tasks to free up employees so that they can focus on high-value, purposeful work. For example, we are using tools such as Dynamics 365, Teams, Collaborative Apps, Viva, Windows 11, Viva Sales, Intune and Power Platform, which make work easier and more efficient. By doing this, we enable businesses to improve employee engagement, satisfaction and retention, helping them become more agile, effective and productive.  

Driving operational experience  

We follow a methodical approach to identify and eliminate operational waste and inefficiencies so we can help customers improve quality, reduce costs and amplify throughput. With automation, machine learning and IoT – and core applications like enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management to provide a real-time view of operations – businesses can leverage data-driven insights to identify and predict issues. This enables them to optimise operations and processes for minimising downtime, reducing upkeep and improving quality, which ultimately helps increase profitability. With the robustness of Microsoft’s 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Center, Project Operations, Field Service, Human Resource and Power Platform solutions, we can help businesses remain competitive in a disruptive, fast paced and dynamic market.  

The convergence of CX, EX, and OX is central to enterprise transformation and will help businesses to make the leap and stay ahead of the curve as they are interconnected with ecosystem players and impact each other in multiple ways. It necessitates a renewed, holistic approach to business that puts human experience at the centre of everything. It involves designing processes, systems and policies that prioritise both the customer and the employee while driving operational excellence. By creating an environment where employees are empowered to deliver exceptional customer experiences, organisations can differentiate themselves from their competitors and achieve sustainable growth. Enterprises that can leverage these pillars effectively will see better business outcomes, more focused innovations, more resilient operations, improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue, all fuelled by empowered employees that can do more with less.  

The convergence of CX, EX, and OX is helping companies to create a sustainable competitive advantage by providing exceptional customer experiences, enriching talent and continuously improving their operations in a dynamic hybrid world.   

Sachin Bery is a unit client solutions and go-to-market head at Microsoft Practice, at Infosys  

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