Cosmo Tech integrates with Microsoft Azure to enhance digital twins

Cosmo Tech integrates with Microsoft Azure to enhance digital twins


French industries use the firm’s solutions to improve operations and reduce maintenance costs

Amber Hickman |

Digital twin platform Cosmo Tech is collaborating with Microsoft France to integrate its solutions with Azure Digital Twins to aid industries in France.

Cosmo Tech’s solutions provide manufacturing and energy organisations with digital twins of production lines, supply chains and power grids. It moved from software-as-a-service to a platform-as-a-service approach on Azure in 2020 to improve its connectivity and service.

“We were convinced by Azure Digital Twins, especially from a technical point of view,” said Hugues de Bantel, co-founder and CEO of Cosmo Tech. “The connection of Azure's Enterprise platform and the internet of things element allowed us to accelerate the deployment of our platform.”

The two firms are currently working on integrating Cosmo Tech into the Azure marketplace and deploying the solutions for customers.

For example, Réseau de Transport d'Electricité (RTE), an electricity transmission system operator, uses Cosmo Tech’s digital twin solution to model and simulate its network of 200,000 pylons and 105,000 kilometres of power lines. These digital twins have enabled RTE to optimise operations, reduce maintenance costs and improve customer service.

"The simulation makes it possible to look at all the possible futures and to choose the optimal plan in terms of finances, and also in terms of resilience and reduction of the carbon footprint," said de Bantel.

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