Know thy guest: the value of timely and accurate information dissemination

Hospitality CEOs need the CIO’s help with timely and accurate information dissemination to differentiate their properties from the competition and from other brands within their group, says Tad W. Remington

By Guest on 07 August 2015
Know thy guest: the value of timely and accurate information dissemination

This article was first published in the Summer 2015 issue of OnWindows

CIOs have access to tools today to help their organisations excel in revenue generation, cost control and employee performance. IT must take control of enterprise data and provide end-user presentation tools that allow employees to quickly use data to delight guests, stop unnecessary spending and generally excel.

Trending are best practices around the organisation of data and software application sets. Guest, accounting, employee and corporate performance data can be consolidated across the enterprise using software tools such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and corporate performance management (CPM).

CRM systems are becoming popular aggregators of guest information across the enterprise. They integrate data from property management systems (PMS), POS systems and more into a central guest data repository for the organisation to analyse in the aggregate and down to the individual guest. To ensure it is used effectively, this data should be provided to all those that come in contact with the guest. Making data available via mobile devices is proving particularly effective in enhancing the guest experience.

Today’s modern CRM systems allow for two-way integration with other systems that contain guest data. They serve as a hub for all information that is needed enterprise wide for offering differentiated guest experiences through employee/guest interactions, automated message workflows, targeted marketing, social media engagement and branding.

ERP systems of the latest generation similarly allow you to integrate all debit and credit details, supply chain and employee data across the organisation’s many systems. They provide a common foundation for the consolidation and reporting of financial, supply chain and employee data across the enterprise.

CPM systems are used daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to help executives and business unit managers determine if they are on plan. If not, they can determine why not. They need familiar and easy to use reporting, ¬dashboard, planning, and collaboration tools that work on top of an easy to develop and maintain data warehouse that is populated with the summary data from PMS, POS, CRM and ERP. With all this information at their fingertips, management can make informed decisions that help them to differentiate their properties to win new guests and retain their loyalty.

InterDyn BMI understands the unique needs of organisations within the hospitality industry. Through our solutions CRM4Hospitality, ERP4Hospitality and CPM4Hospitality, we offer integrated business intelligence solutions that result in enhanced efficiencies, reduced costs, the elimination of labour-intensive data entry and data-driven insights.

Tad W. Remington is vice president at InterDyn BMI, a Columbus Company

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