One bank, many channels: making banking more personal

João Lima Pinto from ebankit explains how delivering a personalised level of service is a key way for banks to hold onto their loyal customers

By Guest on 18 November 2015
One bank, many channels: making banking more personal

Personalisation is proving a top way for banks to differentiate themselves from the competition today. By ensuring every interaction and level of engagement with their customers is personal, banks can offer services and content that suits individual preferences and, in the long run, helps to foster long-term loyalty.

Banks should aim to deliver personalisation across all components of their omni-channel offering. This includes giving customers the option to ask their bank to contact them at a specific time to discuss a specific subject, or even the ability to customise their online and mobile banking menus with their colour scheme and background image of choice – ­little things like this are proven to have a significant impact on client satisfaction.

ebankit provides a true omni-channel platform that makes it possible for banks to communicate consistently with their customers while at the same time allowing customers to feel empowered when they interact with their bank through their preferred channels.

One particular technology we’re exploring in this arena is Cortana, which allows the customer to interact with their device and find the information they need using natural language voice commands. We have already adapted our mobile banking solutions to respond to voice, so that the client can chat to the application and achieve three different outcomes. The first is navigation, whereby the client gives a simple voice command, such as ‘show my current account’ to get to the option they are looking for. The second is getting information they need by asking a question, such as ‘what’s my balance?’ And the third is getting the phone to automatically carry out an action by giving it a command such as ‘top up my phone by £20.’

We are also building a similar capability for smartwatches. This is a simplified version of the same technology so that the client can communicate using their voice to carry out key functions, including checking their balance and last transaction, carrying out pre-defined payments, top-ups and transfers, or navigating to the nearest bank branch.

As this technology matures, we believe that we will be able to build even more channels to suit customers’ growing requirements. The user will then simply be able to choose the channel that best suits the situation they’re in or the device they’re using and, regardless of the channel they choose, they will be able to access the same information. 

João Lima Pinto is vice president and CCO at omni-channel banking solutions provider ebankit

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