Reaping the rewards of cloud-based financial systems

As more companies begin to understand the role technology can play in enhancing their processes and practices, a growing number are looking to move their financial systems to the cloud. Andy Lilley from Bottomline Technologies tells us more

By Guest on 31 August 2016
Reaping the rewards of cloud-based financial systems

Back in 2003, we were approached by a new company offering to revolutionise our customer relationship management (CRM) system. At the time, the temptation of a low cost, repeatable, recurring fee was too much to resist. We had a new CRM system that we could use to centralise our data and drive our campaign to migrate our payments customers from BACSTEL to BACSTEL-IP.

What we didn’t foresee is the transformation this new ‘cloud-based’ approach would have on our business – visibility into how our prospects responded to our marketing messages, the ability to access records and work remotely, insight into trends provided by easy to configure reports and the ability to collaborate with our customers through a new, self-service channel over the internet.

The world of business-to-business finance is quickly catching up. Cloud-based accounting platforms targeted at self-employed individuals and small companies are reporting record numbers. Bottomline’s Paymode-X network, which enables companies to transition from check to electronic payments, recently surpassed 325,000 members. These members are transforming their financial operations – reducing paper, driving down the cost of their payments, providing more visibility and collaborating together.

Bottomline has been providing document management solutions (DMS) to over 4,000 customers worldwide for over ten years in all industry sectors. Precisionforms, our flagship DMS for Microsoft ERP customers, takes care of all of their internal needs, pulling data directly from NAV, Great Plains or AX to create the form, insert conditional data, merge with other documents, digitally sign the document and store a copy for legal archive. Because of the tight integration with our customer’s internal systems, Precisionforms is typically hosted internally on the same network as the enterprise resource planning system, behind the customer’s firewall.

Over the past two to three years, more and more customers have sought to move their financial systems to the cloud, leveraging Microsoft Dynamics AX or Azure to help them on their journey.

PT-X Connect, Bottomline’s latest solution, is hosted in the cloud but seamlessly interfaces with Precisionforms. Business users can send forms electronically by e-mail or to a third party for printing and posting. The system will ‘follow’ each document to ensure that it is successfully delivered and actioned, providing real-time analytics to users based on the value, age and status of the document. All delivered via a browser-based interface accessible from your PC or mobile device.

Wherever you are on your journey to the cloud or digitising your business, Bottomline can help.

Andy Lilley is regional director of financial document automation at Bottomline Technologies


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