Sibos 2014 event preview from Sameer Kishore at Dell Services

Rebecca Gibson caught up with Sameer Kishore, Dell Services’ vice president of banking, financial services, securities and insurance, to find what the company will showcase at the event

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 15 September 2014
Sibos 2014 event preview from Sameer Kishore at Dell Services

Taking place at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in the US from 29 September to 2 October, Sibos will bring together key figures from financial institutions, market infrastructures and technology vendors to showcase the new technologies and strategies that will shape the financial services industry. Delegates will explore issues including regulatory compliance, cryptocurrencies and payments platforms.

What makes Sibos an important event in the industry and why are you attending?
Sibos is the global financial services event attended by the most banks, treasury and payments organisations. The event is also attended by the vendors that provide these organisations with the technology and services they need to be more efficient, innovative, secure and compliant with ever-changing regulations. Dell Services belongs at Sibos as a key contributor to the industry.

What will you be showcasing?
Dell Services enables leading banks and clearing houses to accelerate innovation with tailored services and software across all functional areas of digital banking and payments. These include access channels, payment initiation, processing, clearing and settlement, reporting and customer service. We’ll showcase how our solutions help organisations to:
1. Transform: we will talk to customers about how our innovative solutions can help them to evolve as a digital bank by modernising payments systems, industrialising banking services, implementing cloud-based delivery models, transforming back-office operations and optimising revenue
2. Connect: Dell can help companies to design and deliver effective digital channel services and applications, as well as leverage social media strategies to engage their customers
3. Inform: our experts will show customers how to unlock the value of payments and customer information with enriched analytics, meaningful business intelligence and efficient data warehouses
4. Protect: customers can discuss how Dell SecureWorks helps to prevent cyber incursions as a managed security services provider, how best to use endpoint security verification and Dell Data Protection and Encryption to prevent accidental damage, improve backup and recovery; and data storage protection.

What are you most looking forward to?
We’re looking forward to meeting with global leaders in the financial services sector to extend and create new relationships. As well as at our booth, we’ve planned an evening event in Boston, which will enable innovators outside of the industry to discuss provocative topics. Also, Dell Services will host a presentation about ‘The Digital Bank’ at the Open Theatre, which we hope will generate interesting debate and discussion.

What do you think will be a key trend at the event?
One of the important topics at Sibos will be the Faster Payment Scheme, which is likely to be introduced in the US. Globally, the industry will continue to share stories of going digital and automating manual processes to achieve cost savings and improve profit margins.

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