Sibos 2022: highlights from the event’s first two days

Alice Chambers
Alice Chambers
By Alice Chambers on 12 October 2022
Sibos 2022: highlights from the event’s first two days

The ‘Contrarian Views’ panel debated the arguments for the role of ESG data in the financial industry

The first two days of Sibos 2022 have outlined how to progress finance for the changing world by focusing on technological innovation in sustainability, cloud infrastructure and efficient onboarding.

Ghela Boskovich from Femtech Global held a ‘Contrarian views’ panel to debate the relevance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) data. She called upon the expertise of Communique’s Gihan Hyde, Ethics Grade’s Charles Radclyffe, Nevelab Technologies’ Yael Rozencwajg and Change Gap’s Sarah Sinclair to understand how companies can use ESG data to reduce carbon emissions. The panel considered the role of artificial intelligence and hyper-personalisation on sustainability goals and commented on the dangers of ‘greenwashing’ and ‘greenhushing’. 

Microsoft partner Accenture also considered sustainability in its session on ‘Sustainable Banking & Net Zero – Delivering on Commitments’, where its UK lead for sustainability Peter Beardshaw delivered the findings from its sustainability report. Conclusions from the report include organisations securing the commitment of their whole company, tackling their sustainability challenges holistically, becoming science-driven and setting up intelligence to enable net-zero goals.

In addition, Microsoft partners Appian and Volante delivered separate sessions on advancing Rabobank’s financial technology and delivering a more efficient onboarding experience respectively.  

Furthermore, hybrid cloud infrastructure provider Red Hat explored the importance of customer experience within the financial services industry. According to vice president Richard Harmon, positive customer experiences are characterised by embedded finance, customer advice, hyper-personalisation and availability. He continued by explaining that the firm protects its customers’ data by implementing across multiple main cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure, to ensure interconnectivity. 

Other insightful sessions across the first two days of the conference included the opening plenary, ‘Metaverse: Journey or destination’, and more. 

Find out more via the Sibos TV series, which reflects on the themes of sustainability, innovation and experience that have been addressed so far.

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