Sinopac Maoming selects Honeywell’s Profit Suite R400

Process optimisation software will help to improve performance at two petrochemical plants in Guangdong Province, China

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 10 December 2013
Sinopac Maoming selects Honeywell’s Profit Suite R400

Sinopac Maoming has selected Honeywell’s Profit Suite R400 process optimisation software for deployment at two petrochemical plants in China.

The suite will be deployed at two Sinopac Maoming ethylene-cracking facilities in Guangdong Province, China, and will help improve plant performance by increasing energy efficiency, improving operations flexibility, and maximising high-value products at the plant.

Honeywell’s Profit Suite R400, part of the company’s advanced process control and optimisation technology portfolio, incorporates a range of Microsoft product and technology, including SQL Express, Internet Information Services, Microsoft Office and the .NET platform.

“Although new petrochemical plants are being built, globally the petrochemical industry is a mature industry, with many plants having been in operation for decades,” said Aldous Wong, vice president and general manager for Honeywell Process Solutions, China. “Honeywell’s process optimisation solutions can breathe new life into these aging plants, boosting profitability by increasing throughput and yields, improving product quality, and reducing costs.”

It is hoped that the new suite will rejuvenate the plant, which has been in operation for more than 50 years and produces a million tons of petrochemicals annually.

“We want to establish this project as a benchmark for other similar facilities within the Sinopec Group,” said He Lijian, deputy general manager, Sinopec Maoming Company. “Using this Honeywell solution, Maoming Company is expecting an increase in production that would improve our profitability by more than US$6 million per year. Honeywell’s experience in advanced process control and support capabilities for a number of industrial projects in China helped us to decide to choose them as one of our trusted vendors.”

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