The power of Kaizen within digital transformation

Katya Linossi, managing director and co-founder of ClearPeople, says that the Japanese philosophy called Kaizen suggests results come from many small changes accumulated over time and she explains how digital transformation can be illustrated through this philosophy

By Guest on 13 March 2018
The power of Kaizen within digital transformation

This article first appeared in the Winter 2017 issue of The Record.

The evolving nature of digital transformation is borne out of the ever-changing needs and expectations of consumers. In line with the philosophy of Kaizen, as these needs change, businesses must transform and continually improve to remain relevant.

True digital transformation is a journey, not a destination, that puts people first. It is important to understand the needs of people to be able to develop digital products and processes that meet these needs. Technology is simply the enabler.

For example, we created the Group Explorer tool for a global management consultancy in response to a growing need for better search and access to collaboration areas across Office 365 Groups, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and more. It’s already working wonders for the organisation by simplifying the variety of collaboration scenarios available within the business.

To achieve big results, transformation requires a continuous process of setting success objectives, incremental delivery, review of results, and focus on user adoption. At ClearPeople we have a proven digital transformation approach that includes our Success Services to help our clients to continually evolve their digital offerings, unleash true business benefits and transform the way people work.

Katya Linossi is managing director and co-founder of ClearPeople

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