Digital transformation is a business priority, finds Ensono

Digital transformation is a business priority, finds Ensono

Cost savings and sustainability factors are driving businesses to implement digital strategies

Elly Yates-Roberts |

New research from IT services company and Microsoft Azure specialist Ensono has shown that digital transformation is a priority for many businesses, with cost savings and sustainability factors as major drivers. 

Ensono found that over half of participating organisations are planning to implement digital transformation programmes in an effort to reduce costs, and 17 per cent are doing so with the environment in mind. The research also showed that certain sectors are leading the charge in terms of sustainability, with technology firms (20 per cent) and retail (18 per cent) reporting the highest levels of digital transformation driven by green energy.

“It’s important that digital transformation happening now and into the future continues to deliver to the business,” said Barney Taylor, managing director of Ensono Europe. “Chief information officers need to ensure they are not innovating in a vacuum and are taking the necessary steps to ensure they are delivering not only to the business and shareholders, but ultimately to their end users.”

A survey from CBI and Ipsos Mori has shown that 67 per cent of businesses have increased their activities from 2019 to support the net zero carbon emissions reduction target for 2050. However, Ensono has also found that IT leaders are balancing a number of priorities, with green agendas and other sustainability initiatives sometimes perceived less crucial than, for example, the economic impact of Covid-19 and Brexit. 

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