VISR launches mixed reality design productivity platform

VISR launches mixed reality design productivity platform
Company launches Vertx platform at Future Decoded event in London, UK.

Toby Ingleton |

VISR has launched a new design productivity platform at the Future Decoded event in London, UK.

Vertx will help companies bring multidisciplinary global design teams together and work across multiple locations on multiple devices.

Users will be able to collaborate on live projects in real time by harnessing the capabilities of mixed reality and cloud computing.

The platform includes real time collaboration and cross-platform mixed reality integration, allowing users to take advantage of an immersive mixed reality tool.

“Mixed reality is set to transform the way businesses operate,” explained Louis Deane, joint founder of VISR. “Our platform allows designers, engineers and customers to review and revise the same design in the same immersive environment, delivering faster design reviews, increased insight into engineering challenges and achieving a better match with customer requirements. We’ve seen that, as a result, the design, production and consumer testing process can be dramatically shortened.”

VISR has also become a member of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Partner Program, which brings together companies committed to building mixed reality solutions.

“We’re thrilled to welcome VISR to our Mixed Reality Partner Program,” said Liz Hamren, Microsoft corporate vice president of Mixed Reality Marketing. “Their expert mixed reality engineering skills – and their ability to deliver innovative industry solutions for their clients – set them apart in the market.”

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