Annata and Microsoft deliver new retail and mobility services

Annata and Microsoft deliver new retail and mobility services
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Annata will enhance its Dynamics 365-based solution to help users transform distribution 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Iceland-based technology provider Annata has expanded its long-standing partnership with Microsoft to develop new retail and mobility services. The firm will enhance the Annata 365 cloud platform with new services to enable those involved in vehicle manufacturing and supply to upgrade legacy systems and better engage with customers.   

Hosted on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure, the Annata 365 platform has been created for the automotive and industrial equipment industries. Annata uses it to help businesses navigate industry challenges, adapt existing operations and embrace new opportunities through technologies such as the internet of things, machine learning and cloud-based services. By adding to the platform, Annata will deliver new services to improve user engagement, vehicle lifecycle and management.  

“This market is going through a tremendous amount of disruption and disintermediation, and our deeper collaboration with Microsoft will enable us to help both the incumbents and new entrants stay ahead of their competitors by taking advantage of the latest technology,” said Jóhann Ólafur Jónsson, CEO of Annata.  

Throughout 2022, Annata will release new Annata 365 retail and mobility modules, including Commerce and Insights.  

“There is a growing need in the automotive industry for transformation across distribution, retail and mobility,” said Sanjay Ravi, general manager of automotive mobility and transportation at Microsoft. “Annata’s customer relationships and growing portfolio of capabilities in Annata 365 combined with the strength and scale of the Microsoft Cloud will help deliver the solutions the industry needs at scale.” 



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