Augury enhances asset management with Seebo acquisition

Augury enhances asset management with Seebo acquisition

Firms will deliver AI solutions that improve asset performance, quality, sustainability and safety 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Machine health solution provider Augury has signed an agreement to acquire Seebo, which provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for process intelligence.  

Together, the two firms will deliver fully predictive insights across assets, processes and operations that leverage AI to improve asset performance, quality, sustainability and safety for manufacturers.  

“Manufacturers realise their competitiveness depends on empowering their frontline teams,” said Saar Yoskovitz, CEO of Augury. “However, methodologies like total productive maintenance can only drive production gains so far, without accurate insights into the interrelated ways that processes, materials, environment and equipment impact production health. The lack of a unified platform to provide these insights stifles collaboration and progress.  

“The combination of our full-stack machine health platform and Seebo’s process-based AI will give cross functional teams the correlated view they need to transform how they work, and unlock $1 trillion in untapped production potential from existing facilities worldwide.”  

Augury’s machine health solutions help businesses predict machine reliability and performance issues to eliminate downtime and increase production efficiencies. Seebo’s AI gives manufacturing teams the insights to optimise processes while improving quality, throughput and yield, and reducing waste, energy consumption and emissions.  

“We see the combination of capabilities that Augury and Seebo are working to bring together as exactly the right approach to helping us maximise production health and achieve our other goals around sustainability, workforce engagement and profitability,” said Warren Pruitt, vice president of global engineering services at Colgate-Palmolive, an Augury customer.  

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