Barclays deploys Microsoft Teams to improve global connectivity

Barclays deploys Microsoft Teams to improve global connectivity


Barclays will use Microsoft Teams across its international offices to improve communication between teams

The bank’s 120,000 colleagues and service partners will use the software to increase collaboration

Alice Chambers |

Barclays Bank has deployed Microsoft Teams across its 120,000 colleagues and service partners, as part of its collaboration with Microsoft.

The deployment is part of the bank’s efforts to better connect employees across its business units, as well as enhancing its  data retention, and search and retrieval capabilities available within Microsoft Purview.

“Modern technology is essential to enabling our employees to deliver the highest level of service to our customers in a way that is resilient and sustainable,” said Craig Bright, global chief information officer at Barclays. “Microsoft Teams gives us an end-to-end collaboration platform that helps us connect our colleagues and enhance our business capabilities.”

Barclays deployed Teams globally within a few months and it has already enabled more collaboration and better communication between teams, while reducing email traffic and improving efficiency.

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