Bellsystem24 uses HoloLens 2 for more flexible work experience

Bellsystem24 uses HoloLens 2 for more flexible work experience
The mixed reality tool enables the aging workforce to serve customers from anywhere

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Bellsystem24 Holdings is trialling the use of Microsoft HoloLens 2 to deliver more flexible working opportunities. The new Call Center Virtualization will help handle product services for De’Longhi Japan, enabling the country’s aging workforce to serve customers from anywhere. 

Call centres that deal with issues with tangible products, such as Bellsystem24, often store product models so that operators can physically touch them when helping customers who encounter problems with them. 

With its new Call Center Virtualization, Bellsystem24 employees use a Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset instead, enabling them to see and manipulate an 3D virtual replica of a product. Cloud-based hologram data enables operators to work from home which opens up new opportunities for workers with disabilities and mobility issues. It also empowers older people who want to continue working, which is a major innovation addressing Japan’s aging and shrinking labour force. 

“With mixed reality technology, we can virtually deal with products,” said Shinsuke Kageyama, a corporate social responsibility officer at Bellsystem24. “Furthermore, by using the cloud, we have a network-based business and flexible work styles. We think part of the customer service business can be done anywhere.”

The solution is currently being tested in stages for De’Longhi products. The firms then aim to build a business model by the end of 2021 for other clients. 

“I think the technology of mixed reality allows us to facilitate flexible working anytime, anywhere,” said Kageyama. “Therefore, this technology provides better work-life balance. This work style innovation is a breakthrough for the customer service industry. However, it is an innovation not just for industry, but also for social issues.”

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