Celebrating women in tech on International Women’s Day

Celebrating women in tech on International Women’s Day


We are proud to highlight some of the impressive women working across all sectors who have featured in Technology Record

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Women currently hold 26.5 per cent of executive, senior and management positions in technology-related sectors, according to research from Catalyst.  

In the face of this underrepresentation – and on International Women’s Day – we are proud to highlight some of the impressive women in technology who have featured in Technology Record magazine in the past year.  

Sustainability was a key theme throughout 2022, and female leaders from industrial software provider AVEVA highlighted some of their sustainability initiatives. Vice president of sustainability Lisa Wee spoke about the power of data analytics, artificial intelligence and the cloud in boosting productivity and slashing emissions, while chief sustainability officer Lisa Johnston discussed AVEVA’s software in advancing the renewable energy economy.  

Nicole Denil, vice president of customer alliances at Johnson Controls, also joined the conversation in our Winter issue when she highlighted how the firm is helping organisations to balance their day-to-day operations with the journey to net zero.  

Partnership is integral to the technology industry. Microsoft’s chief partner officer Nicole Dezen spoke to us about how the firm’s Cloud Partner Program helps partners to navigate business challenges. Similarly, Loira Browning of Anywhere365 and Marjorie Martinez of Orbus Software discussed their own partner programmes and the importance of collaboration in the industry.  

In an increasingly volatile cybersecurity landscape, women are taking leading roles to help businesses combat threats. Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president of security, compliance, identity and management at Microsoft, said that Microsoft’s approach to security is “unique in the industry”. We also spoke with Microsoft Intelligent Security Association lead Maria Thomson about how the group helps partners build on Microsoft’s success.  

Businesses are still adjusting to new workplace approaches, such as hybrid and remote working. Throughout the year, Synergy Technical CEO Rohana Meade shared her thoughts on the value of using Microsoft 365, the cybersecurity challenges of working outside the office, and how Microsoft technologies can boost employee productivity.  

Women have led our industry-specific technology coverage, too. For example, Kim Custeau of AVEVA discussed how manufacturers can benefit from the data-driven tools of Industry 4.0. Melissa Topp of Mitsubishi-owned ICONICS also highlighted the significance of predictive maintenance is protecting production processes

And regular contributor Sally Frank, worldwide lead for health and life sciences at Microsoft for Startups, has joined us in multiple issues to discuss the latest innovations from healthcare start-ups around the world, covering mental healthcare, data security in the industry, and delivering more inclusive medical experiences.  

It’s a widely held – although potentially inaccurate – stereotype that women contribute more to retail consumption. But women certainly are shaping the modern retail industry and the technology used to facilitate retail business. For example, Microsoft’s Shanthi Rajagopalan explained how the firm’s solutions are making supply chains, operations and products more sustainable. Cath Brands of Flintfox shared how an intelligent approach to pricing can help retailers and consumer goods businesses react to market fluctuations. In addition, Shelley Bransten, corporate vice president of worldwide retail and consumer goods industries at Microsoft, addressed the issues facing retailers which have forced them to rethink their operating models to remain competitive. 

On top of this, Microsoft’s Sue McMahon and Blue Yonder’s Erin Halka spoke to us about why brands must leverage AI to meet customers’ expectations and supply chain demands.  

A more diverse, inclusive and equitable technology industry cannot be achieved in one day. So, we look forward to continuing to promote and support the trailblazing women that are leading the way.  

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