Cloud optimisation is vital to maximise performance

Cloud optimisation is vital to maximise performance

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Venkat Lakshminarayanan of ServiceNow discusses how organisations can enhance operations with Microsoft Azure

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Moving mission-critical applications to Microsoft Azure can improve user experience, increase application performance and help avoid unplanned outages, says Venkat Lakshminarayanan of ServiceNow, a digitisation solution provider. 

ServiceNow took a three-zero strategy for its digital operations, which Lakshminarayanan, the firm’s senior director of digital technology for IT infrastructure, outlined in a blog post on the ServiceNow website. This involved zero unplanned outages, zero physical footprints and zero user-reported incidents. 

“This approach delivers the operational agility we need as a growing company—we can add capacity on demand,” said Lakshminarayanan. “With a data-centre approach, that would take weeks or months.” 

ServiceNow is continuing to enhance its operations post-migration. Firstly, it is using Microsoft Power BI, which feeds data to the ServiceNow Cloud Insights application, to gain real-time insights into its Azure consumption and costs.  

It is also using its new Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), which runs on the firm’s Now Platform, to tracks cloud assets. And it is focusing on security by using the CCoE to manage its vulnerability remediation as well as Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure API Gateway with third-party security products to scale its security capabilities. 

“The three months following an Azure migration are just as important as the migration itself,” said Lakshminarayanan. “Cloud optimization is vital to maximizing performance, controlling costs, and having a strong security posture. We’re confident knowing that we pay for what we use and can quickly eliminate excess capacity as we grow.” 

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