Cloud2 and NHS Trust improve data analysis with Power BI

Cloud2 and NHS Trust improve data analysis with Power BI
Webinar will share how the solution enables quality improvements via Statistical Process Control

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft partner Cloud2 and the East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) have implemented Microsoft Power BI to enable quality improvements via Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts, which provide near-real-time data analysis. 

Cloud2 says that “by plotting data over time in SPC charts, ELFT can quickly monitor variation, identify what is normal, what needs further attention and predict future performance”. Decision-makers can then use this to information to take appropriate actions and understand where the focus of work should be concentrated.

ELFT and Cloud2 will hold a webinar on 10 September to demonstrate the charts and best practices, and answer questions. 

“Standard Microsoft Power BI tools cannot deliver SPC charts, so we built on the technology to develop 10 different, tailored types,” said Taran Sohal, managing director of Cloud2. “These are the only charts available that deliver operational, Trust-wide capabilities for delivering SPC. These were created in partnership with ELFT who are leaders in quality improvement and are at a very advanced stage using SPC charts so other NHS organisations will learn a great deal from the webinar.

“It is going to be a very interactive session with screensharing allowing attendees to see how the technology works with live examples and there will be a question and answer session giving delegates chance to pick the brains of experts.”

Register for the webinar via Cloud2’s website

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