Cloud2 launches new services built on cloud-based Power BI

Cloud2 launches new services built on cloud-based Power BI
Solutions allow users to see their organisation’s data in interactive ways

Elly Yates-Roberts |

UK-based Microsoft partner Cloud2 is launching its new analytics solutions built on Power BI, Microsoft’s cloud-based business intelligence (BI) technology, which allows users to see their organisation’s data in new interactive ways.

“Business intelligence reporting can present multiple challenges, such as users looking for better visibility of issues to take action quickly, whilst BI teams are typically overloaded with requests and report development is a manual, time consuming process,” said Taran Sohal, director at Cloud2. “But real change that improves services and performance doesn’t have to take years or come with a huge price tag.”

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has implemented Cloud2 technology. Before the implementation, the trust’s departmental reporting was inefficient, meaning that service managers didn’t have all the information they needed. But moving the trust to real-time analytics with Power BI has allowed staff to monitor what’s going on everywhere, from A&E to outpatients, more closely.

“In little more than six months, equipping frontline staff with this information and structuring clinical time more responsively around demand has enabled us to cut outpatient waiting lists by up to 65% in some areas,” said James Rawlinson, director of health informatics, Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust.

Cloud2’s new solutions are built on Power BI and include the Power BI Kickstarter packages, which provide a rapid accelerator for progressing with Power BI on user data with a limited budget. The new solutions also feature NHS specific Power BI accelerators for acute trusts are built on a series of Power BI report templates. The Power BI templates help users get the best out of Power BI which are based on global best practice and help reduce time spent on data-set development and report design and layout by up to 75%.

“Cloud2’s templates and kickstarter offerings allow users to very rapidly put Power BI into action; they reduce the time spent on creating reports and will help you gain business insights to drive the actions required in days,” said Sarah Croxford, senior enterprise channel manager, Microsoft. “Customers will get a working and fully configured solution allowing them to concentrate on delivering valuable insights and results.”

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