CloudMoyo and ASLRRA drive railroad digital transformation

CloudMoyo and ASLRRA drive railroad digital transformation
Organisations will develop educational webinars on using innovative technology in the industry

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Digital transformation enabler CloudMoyo has partnered with the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) to provide industry thought leadership and technology education for short line and regional railroads through a series of webinars.

The sessions aim to address key challenges and opportunities for short line and regional railroads, including driving operational efficiencies, increasing revenue, and ensuring workplace safety and compliance with various regulations.

“ASLRRA is pleased to partner with CloudMoyo, leveraging its experience delivering enterprise solutions for Class 1 railroads to provide an opportunity for short line and regional railroads to understand and evaluate how various technology applications can help them modernise and improve their operational efficiencies,” said Chuck Baker, president of ASLRRA. “Short lines provide the vital first and last mile solutions to more than 10,000 shippers across the US. Leveraging technology will enable these small businesses to grow, with a focus on providing safe, efficient, simple, and reliable transportation solutions.”

On 24 September, railroad veteran Shannon Bloxom will present and interview Amber Davenport, a rail industry expert and crew manager at a leading Class 1 railroad, in a session titled ‘How can intelligent analytics and smart process automation simplify a day in the life of a crew manager?’

On 2 October, CloudMoyo’s marketing associate Hannah Pickering will interview programme manager Ashok Madhavan in a fireside chat on ‘Effective on-the-job training strategies’.

Madhavan will then present a session called ‘Operations testing with performance tracking and employee accountability for safety compliance’ on 6 November.

The last webinar in the series will take place on 3 December, where CloudMoyo product manager Bishram Keshri will present on how to ‘Digitally transform rate electronic data interchange networks and the Interline Settlement System to improve compliance and accelerate the settlement lifecycle’.

“We’re looking forward to deepening our partnership with the ASLRRA and continuing to provide thought leadership and insights into opportunities for digital transformation within the railroad industry,” said Manish Kedia, co-founder and CEO at CloudMoyo. “This is a great opportunity to draw from our experience with enterprise customers while working with ASLRRA to help spur innovation within the short line and regional railroad industry.”

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