Codero and ScienceLogic to develop managed service for Microsoft Azure

Codero and ScienceLogic to develop managed service for Microsoft Azure
Codero Managed Azure to power ScienceLogic’s automation platform and give users real-time insights

Elly Yates-Roberts |

ScienceLogic, a software and service vendor that provides actionable insights from IT operational data, has joined with managed service provider Codero to create a new managed service for Microsoft Azure.

Built on ScienceLogic’s SL1 AIOps automation platform, Codero Managed Azure will be the flagship service within a collection of multi-cloud and hybrid managed services. It will expand Codero’s managed Azure service to give users a real-time view of Microsoft Azure performance, as well as visibility over their business applications and services.

“As demand for cloud services grows, we’ve seen a corresponding growth in demand for real-time visibility into Microsoft Azure from our customers as well,” said John Martis, CEO of Codero. “ScienceLogic’s SL1 platform enables us to provide our customers with granular insights into the health of their applications and business services running on our managed Microsoft Azure infrastructure.”

ScienceLogic’s JumpStart programme – which helps managed service providers (MSPs) define, deploy and sell new managed services – combined with the ScienceLogic SL1 AIOps automation engine running on Codero Managed Azure will deliver detailed, real-time visualisation and automation for internal operations teams and Codero customers.

“Codero is the first of our MSP customers to launch a new managed Azure service based on our SL1 platform,” said Dave Link, CEO of ScienceLogic. “With SL1, MSPs can address new markets and develop more strategic relationships with their customers by managing applications and business services. Our JumpStart programme helps them bring new services to market quickly and grow their business rapidly.”

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