CognitiveScale releases Cortex 5 to accelerate enterprise AI adoption

CognitiveScale releases Cortex 5 to accelerate enterprise AI adoption
Solution designed for companies looking to speed up implementations that pair humans and machines

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Augmented intelligence software firm CognitiveScale has released Cortex 5, the next generation of its augmented intelligence cloud software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology

The solution is aimed at companies looking to speed up implementations of enterprise grade AI systems that pair humans and machines.

“CognitiveScale’s mission is to remove the barriers to AI adoption and solve complex business problems at scale in financial services, healthcare, and digital commerce markets,” said Matt Sanchez, CTO and co-founder of CognitiveScale. “Our Cortex 5 platform helps businesses derive rapid benefit from AI powered business processes by bridging the data, skills, and tooling gaps between data science workflows and the software development lifecycle.”

Cortex 5 is designed to help businesses with limited machine learning expertise build high-quality AI systems. The solution achieves this through three interrelated cloud-based software offerings.

AI Marketplace, an online AI collaboration system, brings together industry specific data to help business experts work through problems. AI Platform, a lifecycle management platform, reduces the expertise required to design and manage complex AI systems. AI Systems, a collection of trained AI software agents, deliver AI-powered personalisation for consumer engagement and AI-powered process automation.

Cortex 5 is available on Microsoft Azure cloud environments and supports both enterprise and hybrid cloud deployments.

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