Delivering cloud-based accounting with Njevity

Delivering cloud-based accounting with Njevity

Virginia Realtors moved its Dynamics GP processes to the cloud without a new accounting system

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Virginia Realtors is a non-profit association with more than 30 employees that serves over 35,000 real estate agents in Virginia, USA. It was looking to reduce costs and eliminate the need to purchase and maintain its own servers and, in doing so, also decided to investigate options to move its Dynamics GP accounting system to the cloud. 

The association attended a Dynamics GP user conference and was introduced to PowerGP Online, a solution built by Njevity on Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

Within two months Virginia Realtors deployed the solution, securing and backing up its data, and eliminating the costs of on-premises hosting. Njevity provided all the migration tools for the data transfer, system rebuilding, environment provisioning and third-party add-on tool connections, and the technology consultants required to ensure the seamless transition from Dynamics GP to PowerGP Online in the cloud. Before a long weekend, Virginia Realtors supplied the appropriate information and accesses to Njevity, and by the start of the following week the team had transitioned its data, making the implementation complete. 

By using PowerGP Online, Virginia Realtors was able to move its Dynamics GP environment from its on-site servers to the cloud, without needing to move to another cloud ERP offering. The association could leverage its existing processes and simply transfer them onto the PowerGP Online system. 

“We really liked that the change would be minimal for our accounting team,” said Carol Thompson, vice president of accounting at Virginia Realtors. 

As a result of working with Njevity and deploying PowerGP Online, Virginia Realtors continued to use the accounting system it knew and loved, while gaining efficiencies with added features such as the PowerGP Import tool to aid its accounts payable processes. It is also now able to provide a flexible, remote working environment for its accounting team, with the knowledge that the firm’s data is secure in the PowerGP Online cloud.

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