Emir Susic on acing the future of customer experience services

Emir Susic on acing the future of customer experience services

Global vice president of Avaya Customer Experience Services explains how Avaya uses artificial intelligence, automation and cloud technologies to reimagine the customer journey and help them streamline business communications and operations 

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Avaya’s professional services team, Avaya Customer Experience Services, or ‘ACES’, is redefining professional services. With an innovative blend of artificial intelligence, automation, cloud evolution and omnichannel integration, the ACES team is not just keeping pace with technology, it is orchestrating and “acing” it. 

“Our vision is for ACES to reimagine professional services for the era of the ‘new ACD’: AI, cloud and digital,” says Emir Susic, global vice president of Avaya Customer Experience Services. “We’re leveraging Microsoft technology such as Azure, Teams, Dynamics 365 and Nuance to deliver the next generation of customer experience (CX) to our clients, which are spread across 190 countries. 

“ACES is acutely aware of the shift in business dynamics and is responding by transitioning from selling technology to delivering transformative business outcomes and superior experiences. Our comprehensive approach to the customer journey ensures that we are the trusted ally of our clients, guiding them from the spark of ideation through to delivery and beyond.” 

ACES AI Automation Services, leveraging Avaya CX technology and backed by Microsoft Azure and Nuance, are revolutionising business efficiency – enabling enabling businesses to reduce labour costs by over 33 per cent and boost productivity by an impressive 14 per cent plus, all the while enhancing the working lives of employees. 

In the cloud evolution arena, the ACES team is using both the Azure-powered Avaya Experience Platform and the Avaya Enterprise Cloud to reshape the landscape of superior experiences. Their ability to deliver seamless workflow migration and their unique hybrid cloud services capabilities are the game-changers in the industry. They are propelling businesses into the future, slashing development time to market by a staggering 75 per cent, ramping up customer satisfaction, and fortifying security. 

“With Teams and Dynamics 365, ACES is redefining customer journeys,” says Susic. “We're orchestrating harmonious customer journeys across multiple touchpoints, fuelling an era of higher brand loyalty, surging sales and a rejuvenated workforce. 

“The essence of ACES lies in the ‘whole product/one client’ approach. We weave our services and products into a customised narrative for each client, delivering superior experiences that are as unique as the journeys of their customers and employees.” 

One example of this is Sky, one of the largest Pay TV operators in Brazil. In a landmark transformation, Sky, facing a complex web of decentralised operations, turned to the ACES team to help it slash operator infrastructure costs by over half and achieve an astounding digital metamorphosis. 

The ACES team helped Sky through two project phases, deploying Avaya’s technology across a diverse array of departments. It delivered routing flexibility and assertive routing, crafted a dynamic call distribution model, and moved Sky’s business to the cutting edge of today’s experience economy. 

“Facing the double-edged sword of a global pandemic and stringent data protection regulations, the ACES team navigated Sky through a seamless migration without a hitch,” says Susic. “This triumph transformed Sky’s operations into a powerhouse of agility and flexibility, with processes running 40 per cent faster.” 

AI integration poses its own unique set of hurdles. From understanding complex algorithms to ensuring data privacy, the journey towards automating customer interactions can seem overwhelming. But with ACES, businesses can take control of their AI journey. ACES offers unparalleled expertise in AI, helping businesses automate intelligently, creating seamless interactions that leave customers delighted and companies empowered. 

“Connecting with cloud services can also be an uphill battle. Businesses are often faced with a dizzying array of options, and finding the optimal solution requires a deep understanding of cloud infrastructure,” says Susic. “This is where ACES shines. With its in-depth knowledge of cloud services, the ACES team can guide businesses towards the cloud solution that best meets their needs, ensuring a smooth transition that keeps data secure and operations running efficiently. 

“The rise of digital channels has dramatically reshaped the business landscape, adding yet another layer of complexity. Incorporating these channels effectively requires a fine balance between technological proficiency and a deep understanding of customer behaviour. The ACES team, armed with its vast experience and keen customer insights, can help businesses leverage these channels to their fullest potential, creating engaging experiences that drive customer loyalty and fuel growth. 

“In short, updating contact centre technology can seem like a herculean task, but with the ACES team, businesses can rise to the challenge, transforming their operations and soaring into the digital future with confidence and style.” 

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