Ethoca fights friendly fraud with Microsoft Azure

Ethoca fights friendly fraud with Microsoft Azure

The Mastercard-owned firm uses the cloud to help reduce purchase confusion

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Mastercard-owned Ethoca is helping businesses to fight ‘friendly fraud’ with its Microsoft Azure-based Ethoca Consumer Clarity. 

‘Friendly fraud’ occurs when a customer requests a refund from their bank for a legitimate transaction. According to Rahul Deshpande, chief technology officer at Ethoca: “Friendly fraud can account for as much as 70 per cent of all credit card fraud, which is immense, and it costs the industry about $132 billion per year.”  

Ethoca is helping payment card issuers and merchants to overcome this issue by providing both cardholders and financial institutions with rich merchant and purchase information. Ethoca built its solution on Microsoft Azure, using Azure Cosmos DB to process 15 terabytes of data in real time. 

“Without these technologies, we wouldn't be able to focus on delivering the best solutions for our customers,” said Deshpande. 

Since its launch, Consumer Clarity has processed thousands of digital receipts within seconds.

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