Geomant improves contact centre training capabilities for Teams

Geomant improves contact centre training capabilities for Teams

New features aim to simplify training while agents are working remotely 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Unified communications software provider Geomant has released new capabilities to help users simplify employee training, while they work remotely. 

Geomant says that the collection of training enhancement features “promises a more effective way to provide team members with guidance”. The services include silent monitoring, which quietly monitors agent interactions without affecting the customer experience; whisper coaching, to provide feedback to employees without disrupting the conversation; and ‘barge in’, where supervisors can take control of a call or chat conversation to prevent problems arising from an interaction.  

Managers can access these features through their Microsoft Teams contact centre to guide agents through difficult interactions. 

Geomant’s platform also uses artificial intelligence algorithms to recognise frequently asked questions and concerns from clients, and provide prompts to agents on how to respond. 

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