Getronics sets up Global Service Center for 24/7 customer support

Getronics sets up Global Service Center for 24/7 customer support
New facility in South Carolina, US will provide over 250 jobs to assist customers worldwide

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft Gold Partner and IT service provider Getronics is to set up a Global Service Center in South Carolina, US to provide its customers in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific with 24/7 support. 

The 32,000 square foot facility is part of the company’s global network of client support centres, accommodating over 250 analysts and support personnel. The Greenville premises will eventually support up to 500 service desk associates.

“Our new Global Service Center is a big deal for us because it represents a significant investment in our people, in our customers and in our Greenville community,” said Nana Baffour, chairman and CEO of Getronics. “We are excited because we have been able to greatly expand both our workforce and operations in Greenville.

“Our new state-of-the-art facilities will support not only our associates, but greatly enhance our ability to support Getronics clients throughout North America and the rest of the world. For many years Greenville has been both a wonderful community for us, and home to our associates. All of us share the excitement for the commitment being made here that Greenville will continue to be one of our homes and communities for years to come.”

Getronics provides global support to over 500,000 technology end users in 55 countries. The Greenville Global Service Center will manage approximately 100,000 incidents each year supporting over 250,000 clients.

“Getronics is a world-class company, and it speaks volumes that they decided to locate this high-tech operation right here in South Carolina,” said Henry McMaster, Governor of South Carolina. “This announcement serves as another testament to South Carolina’s strong business climate.”

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