Globanet and Trusted Data Solutions partner to enhance legacy data services

Globanet and Trusted Data Solutions partner to enhance legacy data services
TDS’s Evolve technology to be added to Globanet’s email archive migration solution

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Legacy data management firm Trusted Data Solutions (TDS) and Globanet, provider of email archive migration, compliance and eDiscovery solutions have partnered to add TDS’s Evolve technology and Restoration Assurance Program to Globanet’s portfolio for its enterprise customers. 

TDS’s enterprise solutions combined with Globanet’s data expertise aims to provide customers with a one-stop-shop for cloud initiatives, data archiving and migration needs. 

“We are excited to have Globanet join our TrustedAlliance rank of strategic alliance partnership,” said Chris Clark, chief executive officer at TDS. “Combining our advanced legacy data management and archive migration capabilities with Globanet’s portfolio of enterprise software and services that help organisations manage data from creation to expiry, both companies will be able to provide additional customer opportunities.” 

TDS and Globanet have both been providing data capture software and services for over two-decades to meet archiving requirements outside of just email. 

“TDS’s Evolve email migration technology enables us to extend our migration capabilities, while the Restoration Service Program and voice compliance practice will open doors to our customers for even more cost savings on their legacy data, including how they manage their tapes and voice recording systems,” said Sevag Ajemian, chief executive officer of Globanet. 

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