Gluware automation now available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Gluware automation now available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Users can automate enterprise networks to maintain operations and ensure agility and security

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Network automation provider Gluware has made its Intelligent Automation software platform available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Users can automate their enterprise networks to maintain operations amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and improve compliance, agility and security. 

The software suite features a device manager, to discover and inventory the whole network; an OS manager, which keeps the network up-to-date with code-free accuracy; configuration drift and audit, to detect network changes and audit on-demand or on schedule; configuration modelling, to turn configurations into automated policy and GlueAPI, which integrates Gluware into a firm’s own platform.  

By implementing Gluware’s solution through the Azure Marketplace, enterprises can manage everything on a network – including devices, files and software – to maintain usual business operations without any coding, which is especially beneficial if technical team members are out for periods of time. 

The platform’s Intent-Based Networking automation engine also enables customers to transform their network management at scale and with increased agility, preventing outages and enhancing security. 

For large organisations moving from on-premises data centres to the cloud, Gluware enhances corporate network security and provides performance tuning. It enables Microsoft Azure customers to manage new traffic patterns created by the cloud during network migration and during ongoing network operations in order to provide a high-quality user experience.  

To further help organisations maintain business continuity during lockdown measures, Gluware is offering a 30-day pilot-to-production free trial. 

“For the first time, enterprise customers can now spin up Gluware network automation in minutes directly in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace,” said Jeff Gray, CEO of Gluware. “Gluware is committed to investing in customers during this critical time by funding 30-day pilot-to-production network automation projects for qualified customers. Forward-looking enterprise customers seeking effective business continuity strategies can now easily test and purchase Gluware’s solution through the Azure Marketplace and start their network automation journey.”

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